Welcome to Project:Theory! This project is dedicated to creating good, accurate and thought provoking theories. You can create theories on the Ninjago series, the Ninja, the Skeletons and on other users Fan-Fictions. To join, leave a message on the talk page.

Members List

Master: Kai4eva
DX: Leopardclaw
Senior Ninja: None
Ninja: Colespeed
Inactive Users: None
Note: Ninja must have 500 edits, been on this Wiki for a least two month, and have 7 chararts approved to be promoted to Senior Ninja.


Theories for Approval
Approved Theories
Rules and Guidelines

News and Announcements

  • The project has just opened!


Add the theory you are working on currently if you are a member. Remember, always add a link to your username and your theory. Thank you!
Current Theory(s):
Leopardclaw None
Kai4eva Theory: Cole's death and Theory: The New Recruits
Colespeed None

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