Welcome to Project:Ninja Art! This project is dedicated to making Ninja character art, or charart based on your fan-fiction stories. To join, leave a message on the Talk Page, and someone will add you in. When you create charart, you should post it up here before putting it on your personal or character pages. Members will give constructive criticism under your image and its description so you can make it even better! When it's good enough, the Master or DX will hopefully approve it. Highlights, shading and burning are only optional, so this project is great for beginners, and for those with experience too.

Members List

Master: Leopardclaw
DX: Kai4eva
Senior Ninja: None
Ninja: Colespeed
Inactive Users: None
Note: Ninja must have 500 edits, been on this Wiki for a least two month, and have 7 chararts approved to be promoted to Senior Ninja.


Charart for Approval
Declined Charart
Approved Charart
Approved Charart- Gallery
The Master's Tutorial!
Rules and Guidelines

News and Announcements

  • The project has just opened!

Charart Blanks

Make sure to click the image thumbnails to get the full-sized versions! Save, open, or download to your computer.

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